Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a chance to make a change...

Salam Warahmatullah...

Alas, I get to update my blog. uhuukk uhukk!! (dah bersawang).
well, I got nothin to update bout my life act. yep, typical students life; get assignments, make presentation, quizzes, test and bunch of that. this is hard, that is easy...arghhh!! u dont wanna see dat!!( well, I dont ). ok, as ye know, a series of happiness is coming, its ramadhan-month of victory, purity, hope, and of oppoturnity. now is a big chance for us to change, as devil is not around. trust me, you'll regret if you doesnt do it now. this is the time for:

1. smokers to stop smoking.
2. cursers to stop cursing.'
3. sleepers to stop sleeping excessively :D
4. couples who do not love for the sake of god to stop whatever theyre doing.
5. laziers(do not use in ur writing) to become less lazy.
6. those who solat 5 waktu rongak2 to fix it back.
7. those who solat last minute to be more concern bout time. solat awal waktu.
8. those who do not wear tudung, wear a blood-squeezing outfit, and any other kind of malfunction clothing to deal with it. you know its wrong.
9. those who ponteng2 puase last year to make sure it wont happen again.
10. those who watch porn, or any other kinds of obviously forbidden thingy to stop watching it.
11. those who have a nemesis to forgive and forget their mistakes, and befriend wif them back.
12. those who are good in their ibadah, to maximize their deeds.
13. and the list goes on.

so, I ask you to join me, lets be better together!!!!
(actually, I've an artwork to show, but, just one. unedited. I even have a hadis to share but uh.. ive been quite busy rite now, and the rate increase by time..please understand that. tq)

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