Saturday, June 4, 2011

It is official!!

Greetings, reader!! hows it coming? reading me blog?

today, i figured to crack my long curiosity of how fast can my scooter can really go.
yeah. from this statement you should probably assume that i have gotten soo bored, im starting to experiment the limits of everyday things. thats the second highest level of boredomness before people go for a killing spree.

maybe next time, Ill test the fabric of human's life!!

so, I filled my scooter up, and head straight to the nearest, longest non-traffic lighty road i know, the road from lumut to segari. i got to the plan very precise: no brakes, full wring on the gas, up untill my fuel goes critical. the result??

effing 120km/h only.

above: troll meter. keep dreaming

but that results is actually not as perfect as i sound it like, as that road have curvy bridges, which slows the scooter upon the climb. but I dont think Ill ever get to 120 again, the whole rempit got so long, i electrostaticified myself. I find that the speed of the scooter versus the time shows an exponential pattern, where the time taken multiplies as the speed of the scooter rose.

wanna see more?

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