Sunday, February 27, 2011

WOE happened to me

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah,
hello, greetings, ahoyy, aloha, yo, and lastly..

soo, since ive been such a slug at blogging nowadays, I just wanna write what happened to me since this 2nd semester, short and sweet. why? so that I have something not crappy to read when Im old. thats why.
look at this doucheba...oh, I mean, ahh I remember that as if it was yesterdayyy..

this is what happened..


KACA program is supposed to be a motivation-concept camping done by my College's lovely counsellor, Hajah Aluyah. yeah its good, and sad to say that one of the guy doing the motivation stuff there-Mr. Ikhwan had died lately. and almost in equal sadness, I lost my sports shoe there.


Another program, another loss, niceee. but this one, the plug is not stolen, I effing left it on my room there, maybe coz im on rush.


Remember that design I post about my entry on designing my studying program's t-shirt? Its been sooo long since I dont post my blog, that my design had already being choosed, and worn by the awesome student's of AUSMAT!! thought I never get any prizes promised by SAMSA(yep, SAMSA, I hope u read this!) but, seeing people walking around, looking fabulous wearing T-shirt u design urself, priceless duudee..

look how happy they are? you should look how happy I am looking at them


sooo there's this activity called 'AUSMAT GOT TALENT' held during our AUNZ(AUstralia-New Zealand) week, where people show off what they got. soooo, I decided to give it a shot, by showing them my magic tricks. and holla, I made it to the finale. naahh, I wont go through details. everyone loves magic. c'mon. magic never fails to impress girl(assuming they did not find out the trick) :D it's a working chick-magnet.

pictured : not a chick

No, that's my superbly-nice ESLS lecturer, Miss Irda. Speaking of her, btw, on this semester, I also..


hahahaha, this sure got first if I happened to create a list of 'the most evil thing Ive done this semester'. what I actually do? easy. I call her, pretending to be a guy(I mean, an older guy), said that I'd like to meet her tomorrow(her bithday) for a surprise. soo, the next day, a student come into our class(during her lecture time), with a rose, saying that a handsome guy is waiting outside. when she's out, there's no handsome guy(no heart feeling eh aditas?), just another student..WITH BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

I think thats all. God knows how alive im feeling right now. thanks AUSMAT :D

Thursday, February 3, 2011


salam warahmatullah

greetings readers. its been forever since my last post. well now that i can access this blog, ill be active again!! hurrah!!! yeaah!!!! ....
....u dont seem excited

ahaha so imma tell u bout this website ive been active at since last hols. its sketchfu.
sketchfu is basically a social based site with art drawing as their main thing. it's a site where u can draw using ur mouse, touchpad, or a tablet(special device for drawing) there, publish it, then get rated, commented and such.

ive been there and I already publish 81 drawings :D if u wanna see it, well go there, then search my username : topek :D

heres what makes this site soo special :

1. hello USA
unlike facebook, this site allow us to communicates with foreigner at much uhh comfortable condition, as in, indirectly socializing behind this art stuff. in fact, some really just take sketchfu as a social site. majority of users here are from USA.

2. when man's in need
guys: uf ur a guy, know how to draw, had good vocab, u should be here ;) u see, this site is dominated with girls of age 14-17, and theyre very desperately nice to guys( considering theres not much guys there). their popular trend : emo.

3. practise makes perfect duude
as for no. 2, this is a good opportunity to practice ur sweeeet lovey dovey, caring lil flirting talk here :D
trust me, ull get good feedback. no, seriously

4. yup
as for no. 3, i dont do it :D

i make lots of friends there. and we pm(personal message) each other, u know, socializing. malaysian? not much. i only have 3 friends from malaysia there.

my next post will be about one of my friend there. wanna know? wait for it :D

know what? im back :D

ok dah boleh access balik blog nie!!! yeahh bebeh!!!
oh silap..
xnak tulis pape skang sori gtg bye
oh btw, ak ade manyak gile cite best nak gtaw afterwards. no lie

wanna see more?

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