Saturday, June 19, 2010

unexpected solution..

Salam warahmatullah
Before this I got one problemo bout my Ibadah. that is being hard to kusyu' in my solat. yup. everytime I perform my solat, my mind will like..wander, about dunya thingy. anything. from what to do next, to and peoples, even about the sejadah I'm standing at. haha. but It turns out that thingy had slowly gone. I figure out why and how. maybe it's becoz solat jemaah. before this, I hate solat jemaah. excuse? this kusyu' stuff. haha jahiliah btol. but, as the old says 'alah bisa tegal biasa'. so maybe going to the mosque is the solution. and one more. tahlil. yup. trust me. if u got the same problem like me, I suggest you to do this. perform solat berjemaah and to tahlil. insyaallah, it'll work. i pray for ya!!


Salam warahmatullah
this evening, I had an accident at lekir. but like always, it's not becoz of other's car or sumthin. just becoz I lost balance when I about to make a U-turn at red soil. I'm not injured though. just a lil bruise on my palm. but my scooter, the left side-mirror cracked( and a scratch on the left side). well, it's a fact that the side-mirror had been unfunctional for long, so i guess I'm not in trouble( lalala~). act, I planned on making a surprise coming to my new house in lekir which my mom was there already to umm..tidy up. but lastly, I'm kinda lost( I only notice that after 10 minutes riding through palm estate ). so I make a U-turn, and walaweh! seriously I'm very glad and graceful to God. alhamdulillah.

coz I'm thinkin If He make me dead back there, maybe it'll take time to find my body( it's a surprise, remember? ). Alhamdulillah. so, lesson that i got:

  1. never make a U-turn at speed more than 10 km/h.

  2. especially with a heavy scooter

  3. plus in a soft, low-grip, red soil

  4. never make a surprise if ye don't know where ur heading :P

  5. next time I'm ridin, think of cruisin instead of stampeding. we've got time

ish3...luke cenonet pon nak tayang. haha

But I kinda upset coz when I told me dad bout this, he ask about the scooter first, and not me( in fact, he didn't ask bout me at all ). but naah no need. i'm fine with it. really...

uh-oh, and i think I deserve this. haha coz on my way to lekir, there's a couple of bikers who's wanna rempit ( cine ). though I'm not involved, but satan-laknatullah, he make me wanna join em. so I did. and I won. coz I ran unto a red light. lucky me there's no car from the other side. so next time, just cruise.. hahaha..adui. so I warning ya, appreciate urself. don't die upon making a surprise visit. x bermakne langsong.. haha baik mati on de way g masjid ke..

speaking of which, I wanna take this opporturnity to invite u all, mari mengimarahkan masjid. haha mule2 berat r. lame2 rase bes insyaallah...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

full list of my weird/funfact....

this is a request from one of my friend. act, she/he ask me to do but hell I hate I figure, it's easier to make a full list of what I'm made of( only the weird/fun one, not like: hey, I'm a Malay) here.. so he/she can view it here....though the way I see it, this is completely ummm....absurd/ridiculous/preposterous/embarassing/disgraceful/time-wastin/unnecessary, but I do it. just for the hell of it :P consider this is for me..I'll start with 11 entry first, and I'll keep updating till ummm 100 maybe. haha



  1. I dont comb my hair. and usually I'll comb it in the morning just for the fact that it'll improve bloodflow. after that i'll just use my hand.
  2. after washing my hand. I usually rub my hand to my hair to dry it and to wet my hair.
  3. Seriously, I love cat. altough some people might had saw me being nasty to them, but let just say that I do it for publicity. some..usually, I'll talk to them.
  4. I greet trees and animals. by giving them salam.
  5. when I was a child, my biggest dream is to throw a paperplane from top of klcc and watch as it fly.
  6. singing improves my confidence. and I use music as an escape for my problem
  7. I love to speak my thought. And I love to argue. but when I see that the arguing had become pointless, based on emotion, and doesn't benefits anymore I'll admit defeat, stay quiet, or ask for, saye suke beralah.
  8. At home(and class), whenever there's a chance, I'll throw things( eg: dry trash to dustbin, lil bro's toy to box, etc) just to maintain my shooting, and to feel the sweet feeling of accomplishment.
  9. some people find me dirty, but I'm not afraid of animals that can't kill humans.
  10. couple, no. love, everybody. haha yea I'm not planning to be serious in relationship unless I see bright opportunity to make it to marriage. In fact, that's the first reason why I'm flirting dayah ONCE. coz her home is close to mine, her bro know mine. my mom know her dad. haha( okay, this is embarassing ) but it turns out ther'es no luck( or maybe I'm not serious enough ). so to gals out there. If you see me like, flirting with you, I'm not. people call that 'being nice'.
  11. weird things that I've ate: grass, fruitworm, TADPOLE, treebark, paper, eraserdust. pencil shavings. and the list goes on.
  12. scratching head/ pull my hair improves my thinking. especially in math.
  13. I love nasyid, and metal band as well( imagine in ur playlist, after listening to slipknot-people=shit, then it changes to nowseeheart-damai yg hilang)..uh-oh, I even includes ayatul quran in my playlist...
  14. my name really is mohd taufiq. the mohd is not a short for mohammad( to all doctor wannabe, please double check ur writing). but don't ever call me like, hey 'mode' taufiq. I'll slay you.
  15. frankly, I love art subject more than engineering. and I love medic more than engineering( but art still on top). the only reason I take engineering is becoz medic can't go with art. ummm why r. maybe becoz the fact that our life rite now is totally overperfect. not like medic and art. people get sick everyday. and art, is limitless....
  16. I'm meesedaphobic.
  17. pencil/pen + time = doodling
  18. my mom call me topek

ummm naah I don't think i wanna make it to to 100. haha if so, I'll have no privacy, at maybe this is it. haha wekkk!!! :P

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Niat Murni...

org2 tua mmg suke bersedekah. terutamanya dalam majlis2 macam kenduri kawen, kematian, majlis kesyukuran ke. dan mmg sunnah nabi supaya sedekah ngan ikhlas dan rahsia. 'tangan kanan memberi, tangan kiri tak tahu'. yup, btol. so ak tgok macam2 cara deorang sembunyikan sedekah deorang. dan ak rase lawak pon ade, tapi niat deorang sume baik. insyaallah

1. salam dengan duit di tangan : yg ni popular. selalu je ak tgok. kekadang tu x kene mase pon ade, tgah sembang2, tetibe salam, gelak2 ataw sambung sembang. haha

2. peluk, pastu letak duit dalam poket baju : ni style ayah ak, slalu gak jumpe org lain buat. macam kasi rasuah/dadah pon ade. haha

3. selit bawah buku ataw perkakas rumah yg selalu digune

4. selit dalam hadiah biase, contoh: buku yaasin.

tahap hagemaru:-
5. letak dalam tandas dengan nota: ni ak penah jumpe. haha da r banyak, 100. gile ah. ntah2 org tu x amik pon.

6. letak dalam poket/ pampers bayi orang yg berkenaan: wtf???

7. bwat2 berhutang dengan orang berkenaan, pastu kasi sedekah sambil kenyit mate: komen

sume ni ak penah jumpe/tengok..hahaha dan ak rase ad yg lagi pelik kot. sgt pelik sampai ak x nampak :P

so konkusinye, jom amalkan sedekah!!

Monday, June 7, 2010 it

salam warahmatullah usual, I'm posting my drawing. I bet you can clearly see my improvement since the first tryout rite? its kinda obvious really..all thanks to ..time. haha yup this sickening waiting period is proven worth it after all. I get to improve my drawing skill, make friends( virtual one,,,T-T) to learn more about Islam( sebenanye ak ade plan nak hafal certain2 surah, tapi sampai skang blom lagi, aduhh ), and....grow up :P

american-stroke, usually details in face wrinkles and shape

also, american's stroke seems to use bold lining and contrast, bright color. notice the writing on the dude's shirt?? hehehe it's my shirt, discord harmonics:D


the only reason I upload this unedited drawing coz most my frens don't believe that the colored version is mine. they saya Im taking it from internet. hahaha I take that as a praise thank you. but frankly this is not fully my idea. the hair and coloring bit, Im just taking it from random picture in the internet..but hey, it's still is my drawing!!


after, japan anime stroke, highly fashion disaster, less words, unreal, perfect-looking face

yup. I made this...myself...using PAINT:D you see how colors can change a picture..


tadaa!! haha

this is my drawing of my classmates, based on their nickname( or teasecharacter to be precise :P ). you know, I took a really, long time coloring this pic coz it got lots of character hence lots of colors. haha here's the character list and how they got the name.

  • Girrafe as pidot, why: he's the tallest guy in my class
  • Devil with gun as Sapek, why: umm, he's nasty?? haha uh-oh, and he's a sharpsooter.
  • Elephant with mcd as Ammar, why: he got such a big ear and he's a mcd bussinessman.
  • Wau as Sheila, why: she's kelate?? :D
  • Sivik book as Hafiz, why: his face look alike our Sivik teacher, Sir Roslan
  • Onion as Luqman, why: he got a hair like one ( only smells better )
  • Guy with bball as Yasser, why: he is :P
  • Gal with braces as Aiza, why: she is :P
  • Panda with wings as Amirul, why: he got eyes like one, and he luuuuuves to fly
  • Squidward as Amir, why: he sound like one, got nose like one, and behave like one. haha
  • Himawari as Iman, why: she's..umm..cute?
  • green mushroom as Hidayah, why: maybe coz she likes green, and I have noo idea about the mushroom
  • Angelina jolie in PPSP blazer as Alyani, why: she got lips like one, haha and yes, she's a PPSP.
  • Kamen Rider as tiqah, why: act there's no point here. the only character I could think of is this
  • Dolphin balancing chem book as Ayu, why: she want it that way, and she's good at chem( pretty much everything act )
  • Purple fairy as Azura, why: same case as Ayu
  • Heartless Biker as Azrin, why: he is :P
  • Guy with Camerahead as Muneer, why: he's lomoholic
  • BWP with pyramid head as Anis, why: she's so excited about going to further her studies in Egypt and she's a BWP.
  • Mama as Pija, why: ummm..I dunno, she's motherly?? this is girly stuff, I just follow em :DD
  • Fairy Godmother as Lala, why: umm she's kind?? same case as above
  • Elevating emo skinny guy as Faiz rajaie, why: he's underweight, and he got emo hair.
  • Old guy with scars as najmi, why: he really have one, and, he got a few grey hair.
  • WOHOO gal as Norwan, why: everytime I heard a wohoo, I think of her
  • Ribena playing paperplane as Me!!, why: umm, coz I'm playful in a childish way and I luv making paperplane back in school..haha

well, that's everyone...:)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Salam warahmatullah

I'm kinda dissappointed that the first person that I heard questioning the free gaza demonstration is a Muslim...hmmm pointless?? I see this activity as a medium to proselytising the non-muslim, for them to get to know more about Islam. and for us muslim to tighten our ukhwah. besides, speaking publicly against such brutal act is the least we can do. I mean hey, org US pon bwat. kite rilek je? at least they know that we're not agree with their doings...bak kate org tue, 'diam tu tande setuju'. especially when we're muslim. plus, the demonstration done in kl, they officially make a memorandum out of it and send it to..umm Israel embassy.

please, do open ur heart. simply by solat 5 waktu..itu pun dah cukup..why should u object such thing? absurd, I say.

NABI MUHAMMAD S.A.W BERSABDA : "BARANG SIAPA YANG TIDUR NYENYAK DAN TIDAK MENGAMBIL PEDULI URUSAN UMAT ISLAM, MAKA IA BUKAN DARI GOLONGAN MEREKA (yakni bkn dr golongan umat Islam)." (Hadith Riwayat al-Baihaqi dalam 'Shuab al-iman', at-Tabari, Abu Nu'a

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My theory - Zionist deep secret of success

Salam warahmatullah

everyone was aware of what's happening on the 31th of May, the attack from Israel really puts all the world to rage and anger. sure why not,what they, the zionist do obviously against humanity. then it got me thinkin, how do they do it like that without fear or doubt. now let's look back on how can they do it? I mean all this time they were doing it. this notrocity. How can they, the Zionist, get away with all their dirty crime? to answer this, we have to look back on what they do, what they've achieve so far that we should thank them? yup. the Zionist, or should I say, the jewish( I dont wanna use jewish pretty much coz theres also a jew in US, UK, and German), have been a very bright, succesful people that they called themselves peoples of God.

Albert Enstein-the character 'mad scientist' was originated by his:)

the Jews have achieve such achievement that we are too smart to ignore. seriously. I mean, do you know Albert Einstein? the theorical physicist? yah of course you do!ok, how about Niels bohr? the chemist. ok that's preposterously easy. here's more of jew's wall of fame:-

Lazlo Biro- inventor of ballpoint pen (jename Biro tu dari die r, boikot!)

Levi Strauss- inventor of Jeans (same case as above)

Robert Adler-inventor of remote control (berat hati nak berterime kasih kat die..T-T)
System of a Down - famous band.( dan ak letak dalam blog ak? ish3)

Gordon Gould-inventor of laser

David Blaine, David Copperfield, Houdini - famous magician.

"In Effort to Lift Their Rankings, Colleges Recruit Jewish Students." That was the front page headline from the April 29, 2002

SAT test was originated by Stanley Kaplan, who is, yeah..a Jew( tgok ni yus!! :D)

At Harvard, the current enrollment is 26 percent Jewish, 17 percent Asian, 7 percent black, 8 percent Hispanic and 1 percent American Indian/Alaskan native. In short, the minorities are the majority at Harvard.( 1998 )

◦David Akerlof - UC Berkeley
◦Kenneth Arrow - Stanford and Harvard
◦Gary Becker - University of Chicago
◦Robert Fogel - Harvard and University of Chicago
◦Milton Friedman - University of Chicago and Hoover Institute at Stanford
◦John C. Harsanyi - UC Berkeley
◦Kaniel Kahneman - Princeton University
◦Lawrence Klein - University of Pennsylvania and Oxford
all these are the professor who won nobels for economics.

Jews won 14 percent of the Nobels. Between 1950 and 2000, however, they won 29 percent - this after six million Jews, roughly one-third of their total population, were destroyed in the Holocaust.

◦Artists & Entertainers: Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein, Bob Dylan and Steven Spielberg

Jews dominate Chess. Jocks they may or may not be, but chess champions, they most certainly are. Of eighteen recognized World Chess Champions since 1866 at least seven, and perhaps as many as ten, are of Jewish ancestry and of them, a surprising number are half Jewish

Karl Max-revolutioner, philosopher..

See? the truth is jew really outshine other ethics. wether we like it or not, we have to agree. as I stated above, they( and even some other peoples) call themselves the people of god. why on earth?? here's my perception. remember back in the age of Moses, after they crossed the Red Sea to run away from Pharaoh? well, after that, the Jewish said to Moses that they were hungry. then moses pray to Allah for help. after that, Allah send them food. manna and salwa from heaven :-

Dan Kami telah menaungi kamu dengan awan (dari panas matahari di padang pasir) dan Kami turunkan kepada kamu “Manna” dan “Salwa”, (serta Kami berfirman): “Makanlah dari makanan-makanan yang baik yang Kami telah kurniakan kepada kamu”. Dan tidaklah mereka menganiaya Kami (sebab mereka kufurkan nikmat itu), tetapi sebenarnya mereka adalah menganiaya diri sendiri
Al-Baqarah ayat 57

the gathering of manna-art from jew artist

So, my theory is that they, the Jews had became so smart due to this incident. yes, their people, have ate food from heaven. so it's like little piece of heaven is in their blood all the time. its no wonder. It's like, heaven, one of God's greatest creation so their food must be so good, it affect the Jew's mentality. but sadly, It has been misused by them to dominate the world-in the wrong way. you get the picture rite? I hope so, coz I don't wanna elaborate more. kerane saye tidak berilmu dalam hal ini. wallahualam..

wanna see more?

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