Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My theory - Zionist deep secret of success

Salam warahmatullah

everyone was aware of what's happening on the 31th of May, the attack from Israel really puts all the world to rage and anger. sure why not,what they, the zionist do obviously against humanity. then it got me thinkin, how do they do it like that without fear or doubt. now let's look back on how can they do it? I mean all this time they were doing it. this notrocity. How can they, the Zionist, get away with all their dirty crime? to answer this, we have to look back on what they do, what they've achieve so far that we should thank them? yup. the Zionist, or should I say, the jewish( I dont wanna use jewish pretty much coz theres also a jew in US, UK, and German), have been a very bright, succesful people that they called themselves peoples of God.

Albert Enstein-the character 'mad scientist' was originated by his:)

the Jews have achieve such achievement that we are too smart to ignore. seriously. I mean, do you know Albert Einstein? the theorical physicist? yah of course you do!ok, how about Niels bohr? the chemist. ok that's preposterously easy. here's more of jew's wall of fame:-

Lazlo Biro- inventor of ballpoint pen (jename Biro tu dari die r, boikot!)

Levi Strauss- inventor of Jeans (same case as above)

Robert Adler-inventor of remote control (berat hati nak berterime kasih kat die..T-T)
System of a Down - famous band.( dan ak letak dalam blog ak? ish3)

Gordon Gould-inventor of laser

David Blaine, David Copperfield, Houdini - famous magician.

"In Effort to Lift Their Rankings, Colleges Recruit Jewish Students." That was the front page headline from the April 29, 2002

SAT test was originated by Stanley Kaplan, who is, yeah..a Jew( tgok ni yus!! :D)

At Harvard, the current enrollment is 26 percent Jewish, 17 percent Asian, 7 percent black, 8 percent Hispanic and 1 percent American Indian/Alaskan native. In short, the minorities are the majority at Harvard.( 1998 )

◦David Akerlof - UC Berkeley
◦Kenneth Arrow - Stanford and Harvard
◦Gary Becker - University of Chicago
◦Robert Fogel - Harvard and University of Chicago
◦Milton Friedman - University of Chicago and Hoover Institute at Stanford
◦John C. Harsanyi - UC Berkeley
◦Kaniel Kahneman - Princeton University
◦Lawrence Klein - University of Pennsylvania and Oxford
all these are the professor who won nobels for economics.

Jews won 14 percent of the Nobels. Between 1950 and 2000, however, they won 29 percent - this after six million Jews, roughly one-third of their total population, were destroyed in the Holocaust.

◦Artists & Entertainers: Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein, Bob Dylan and Steven Spielberg

Jews dominate Chess. Jocks they may or may not be, but chess champions, they most certainly are. Of eighteen recognized World Chess Champions since 1866 at least seven, and perhaps as many as ten, are of Jewish ancestry and of them, a surprising number are half Jewish

Karl Max-revolutioner, philosopher..

See? the truth is jew really outshine other ethics. wether we like it or not, we have to agree. as I stated above, they( and even some other peoples) call themselves the people of god. why on earth?? here's my perception. remember back in the age of Moses, after they crossed the Red Sea to run away from Pharaoh? well, after that, the Jewish said to Moses that they were hungry. then moses pray to Allah for help. after that, Allah send them food. manna and salwa from heaven :-

Dan Kami telah menaungi kamu dengan awan (dari panas matahari di padang pasir) dan Kami turunkan kepada kamu “Manna” dan “Salwa”, (serta Kami berfirman): “Makanlah dari makanan-makanan yang baik yang Kami telah kurniakan kepada kamu”. Dan tidaklah mereka menganiaya Kami (sebab mereka kufurkan nikmat itu), tetapi sebenarnya mereka adalah menganiaya diri sendiri
Al-Baqarah ayat 57

the gathering of manna-art from jew artist

So, my theory is that they, the Jews had became so smart due to this incident. yes, their people, have ate food from heaven. so it's like little piece of heaven is in their blood all the time. its no wonder. It's like, heaven, one of God's greatest creation so their food must be so good, it affect the Jew's mentality. but sadly, It has been misused by them to dominate the world-in the wrong way. you get the picture rite? I hope so, coz I don't wanna elaborate more. kerane saye tidak berilmu dalam hal ini. wallahualam..


  1. salam ,,,the post is very interesting n i get more new knowledge,,,tq,,just to share with u some more info,,,http://xzis.vox.com/library/post/renungan-kenapa-yahudi-bijak-3.html,,:D

  2. wow topek.. superb.. fuck jews..

  3. WOW! shockingly interesting! You should be applauded already! But you could elaborate more what manna and salwa are.

  4. well wish I could but even quran doesn't elaborate more bout this. the only reference I found Is bible-exodus. well it says that manna is seed-like, while salwa is liquid-like..both sweet-in taste..

  5. but adam and hawa ate the heaven food as well?

  6. that's true. seems like I have no more knowledge to explain. haha . but let's just say that the jews ate more heaven food than any other mankind did. and each one of them did, not just two. think about this, exodus( walaupon ak xsuke refer exodus, tapi xde pilihan) states that the Israelites consumed the manna and salwa for 40 years...

  7. You see, that can be true. But personally I believe the answer lies on the Jews' lives themselves. If you search in the Net on how a typical family in Israel lives in their everyday life- you would be greatly surprised, my friend. The Jewish community really placed education in their top priority and that covers their diet as well. They don't consume junk foods like most of us. Hazel nuts and honey are some of the complusory foods that they consume daily to maintain their intellects. Besides that, I also found out that the babies who are still inside the mother's wombs also being exposed with Mozart's and other great musicians. Simply fantastic!

    P/S: We have a LOT to learn from this people although it is clear that they are our forever enemy.

  8. yea I've read that. there's a link above. that's the point. why on earth we didnt did sumthin like that?? coz they got a headstart!! hahaha..

    P/S: I strongly believe that u r nina, yes?

  9. Wait, there's a link? LOL. Oh well. Nope. Just a random person suddenly butting into your blog.

  10. hahaha kk. sorry. so did I know u at all? I mean where'd u find me blog?? :D

  11. true, my father told me this. they ate manna salwa for forty years. but u should google this. how do jews bury the dead. some people say they bury them standing! i dunno, but that's what my brother told me.

  12. CRAPGIVER SAID: as a christian i understand the bible more than, this stiff neck zionist, he forgot to mention that because, of their attitude towaeds the manna provider, he kept them in the desert 40 yrs. so where was their knowledge they claim to have, knowledge with out wisdom is escrement, and wisdom only comes from the ALL MIGNTY CREATOR GOD, AND HIS LIVING WORD JESUS CHRIST. all the crimes they know that they have commited against humanity, will be judged, by THE FATHER OF CREATION,WITH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST AND, HIS HOLY SPIRIT. now the reason why they been getting away with murder untill judgment day is because of the satanic desception of claiming to be the chosen people, when in reality the christians are the true chosen people of the ALL MIGHTY CREATOR.and after infiltraiting the christian church, like they do on every thing been noting more than social phsycopats,and GODLESS CREATURES, their god is satan and their pay for their work is gold and silver , but that won't do to pay their way into HEAVEN.that is when they will find out, how they did waisted their worthless lives enjoing the false happines they claim to have every time they kill another of GOD'S creatures only based on their stupid pride.which was the down fall of their father of lies, (satan) that got him kicked out of HEAVEN, BUT MOST OF ALL FROM GOD's PRESENCE.

  13. thanks for sharin ur thought crapgivers :D


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