Monday, May 31, 2010

going up..with colors!!

gahaha im fed up with myself for doing nothing at all nowadays. but with more time to kill. means that more drawing can be done!! haha its kinda funny coz back in schooldays, ive never got a chance to spend my time from zohor to asar drawing! but now, its a necessity...once, I thought that this is totally worthless. i mean, why'd I do this for?? and maybe I can come up with better activity to be done. but Ive tried changing my schedule by reading books after zohor and play games. and you know what? I slept on both tries( tido waktu tgh main, believe it!!) haha..oh and Ive curently change my routine last week and i think its good enough to last for this whole 5 weeks.

my routine:-

1. wake up for subuh(and not sleeping back :D)
2. went to play basketball from 7.30 to 9.oo+-
3. doing house chores
4. watch tv( usually discovery, ngc, history, and lil bit of mtv and bbc just to update myself with current songs and news:)
5. zohor
6. sleep for an hour :P

7. drawing

8. asar

9. house chores

10. play badminton with lil bro( penat kutip shuttle je..T-T)

11. maghrib

12. islamic stuff

13. isyak

14. reading ( currently reading the lovely bones, diary of a wimpy kid, and dictionary(?!)

15. help lil bro doing his homework (plus extra tuition)

16.continue with drawing

note: I dont list on9 coz Im on9 pretty much all the time( on9 means facebooking, watching vid on youtube, play games, reading blogs and articles, editing my drawing on lappy, listening to music, and downloading stuffs)

but the only thing Im sharing here is my drawing hehe so heres the latest..

I love this one. so..comical

actually this is a request from a friend of mine, anisa pattel from new york. she ask me to draw her a curry monster..,,so here it is. all the colouring are made by paint.

its harder than it seems

when I was a kiddo, I used to make something like this, continuous line filling up the whole page. but here I add on some more meaning to it..but sigh, I failed. notice that ive put hidden words in the tubes lining. its supposed to says 'I come in peace'. but I forgot to put the 'e' which change the whole meaning to 'I come in pace' hahahah pace=langkah. gahaha

yela tapi nak kaler ko susah taw x!!?

O yeah I'm so gonna make you a tee-shirt!! ill tell you how I color all my drawings

1. draw using marker, pen or pencil sketch

2. crop using photo viewer

3. maximise contrast( to reduce unnecessary detail like paper texture, and dirt )

4. open with paint. remove any other unnecessarities

5. fill up space by using bucket tools.last touchup using photo gallery( usually adjusting hue, colour temperature and tint)

6. upload!!

the quickest yet meaningful :D

I finish drawing this(including editing) by 20 minutes +- which is a record!( even the diver drawings takes an hour!). this I made after the breaking news of Gaza convoy attack by Israel. You might seen the news in the tv or internet. Its rather sad and dissappointing, but whatever it is, something's gonna happen after this. whatever the response, will have a BIG effects on world specifically to Muslim. here you can watch this clip from facebook

now that you've watch it, I ask you, do you see any kind of threat in the activist? I mean look, they were defendless, far more impossible to be accused armed. and look, theres an old folks who the oldest is 88 years old! and also women on board and a one year old child!! yea israel is soo in trouble explaining this to the world. yea now that their true face is revealed. my opinion of whats happening next?? I dunno, but Im pretty much think that it will turn worse for us muslims. why?? coz I read The Holy Quran. that's why...

well that's all for the drawing..

I hope by sharing this helps whoever interested in art to learn. (ini ilmu jugak!!)
btw, this evening im not drawing. Im writing a report of ahmad deedad's debate. credit to luke .logan :D

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