Tuesday, May 25, 2010

you do not see this..

nothing to see here..shoe-shoe.. hahaha

dah gi wat mende lain. jgn dok buang masa kat sini. tu rumah bersepah gi r kemas!!!!
*kate topek kepade dirinye..

well...here's another of my drawing. it seem pointless, but I say I learn something new!!


well,not so bad for a beginner rite?

I learn that if you bold the flip in the shirt or any clothing material, It will look more...smart:P(also works on hair/fur) and Im learning this from azri whom i met on fb. so, thank you azri(and fb:P). haha

trying to draw with a cuter stroke.....

..epic fail


  1. patut ltak bnyak skit shadow kat lukisan ko..msti lg timbul..

  2. dalam progress. haha.seyes, cakap mmg lagi sng dari bikin...:D


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