Tuesday, May 18, 2010


well, I may dont have time to do this hobby in the next 5 days, so ill try to do my best to draw as much as i can before Im getting busy again(bunyi macam satu kewajipan lak) in UiTM or MARA which doesnt come up with any news yet which pissed pretty much everyone( Im not excluded )

so, heres my drawing of .....stuffs. if you notice, I never color my drawings..thats simply because Im not good at it...T-T


here's something to share. to make your machine or any kind of metal look like one, the simplest way is to draw an inverted 'C' line on its surface like what I do up here...well it doesnt have to be a perfect C, youll just do a line, then make a curve. it also helps make the drawing looks more..detail haha


like I said before. its hard(for me) to draw human and any other existing creature..coz its god's creation and..and its hard to copy while non-existing creature is easy coz it doesnt exist so people cant compare. I dont have much tips bout drawing human coz im bad at it. well, all i can say is, look at yourself..and oh, read comics or manga..it helps

machine and creature alltogether

yeah I know, this one is a lil bit messy, its becoz I do it 4 am in the morning. im downloading songs so I drew this while im waitin...sigh when living things and machines drawn together, you must be careful not to make the living look dead, while the machine look alive.
unless both is in stationery. to make a moving things looks like its moving in drawing, simply add some random lines around them depending on its direction of movement...I got no example to show, but you get the picture..rite?

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