Tuesday, May 11, 2010

definition of FAST

quite obvious, but some doesn't get the point. the term fast differ to each person and also depends on the time, place, weather..basically everything(not to miss, the kind of transport were riding)..

kalau minyak itu percuma, ak nak bawak krete tiap2 hari!!!

take for an example, when in sitiawan road to the mall and everything is fine, you are considered fast if you reach 90km/h. which is quite contrary if youre in a highway. that speed, is slow and the definition of fast is changed to 120km/h. and im writing this bcoz of my mom. haha she said that im fast as I reach 90km/h eventhough that the road is straight, wide, new, long, and empty(it can't be better).. but yet my mom wont stop yelling me to slow down. sigh, as a good son, I obey...n_n

spot the missing part!!! hehe

someday, imma take you out all alone baby, just the two of us, beneath the big blue sky....and the glimmering stars...someday buddy, but not today..T.T

well, driving auto car is easy, but yo'll miss all the fun part that manual car brings. the clutch, the pickup, the gear-changing,.......the clutch


  1. T-T billion is mall enough..hahah ade tmpat makan, ade tmpat maen pool, ade pusat beli-belah. haha wekk!!!!

  2. hahaha yelatu... ak x tuka papepon..plain ol myvi..

  3. i'm still in love with my manual.. haha


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