Friday, May 21, 2010

well at least SOMETHING happened..

well, Im sharing this story coz....coz I want to!! and I can!! haha :P

this happened yesterday morning..

I wake up in the morning( and doesnt feeling like P Diddy) at 6.45(ish3)...performing my subuh..then watch Malaysia Hari Ini as I wait my lil brother and mother to go to school. then, firstly as usual, I make a kole of milo. then I start....sidai baju by taking all the clothes that have been washed out from the washing machine. put them on a hanger and put a penyepit baju on it. as I do that, I notice two suspicious-looking guys at the loji which is at the back of my house. i've never seen them before neither their car. one of them were already inside the loji. then something comes in my head. I've heard that steel-stealing is pretty active in my town. so I'm expecting them as a steel thief for some reasons:-

  1. Although the fact that were having problems with the loji and they're probably the workers who tried to identify the problems, but the gates is I suppose the grey guy is entering the loji illegally.

  2. they dont seem to do anything. more like waiting for me to re-enter my house. the grey guy, he just wondering around while observing the steel trapdoor(xtaw name die:P)

  3. the yellow guy, his job seems to make sure the line is clear. he always look around like a hungry man looking for food.

  4. BOTH keep staring at me. they even whisper each other while pointing at me and even gave me a thumbs up!!! WTF??

  5. they're not in uniform :P

I feel so unconfortable and the feeling keeps growing. at last, I've decided to make a move. I went inside. grab my phone. and try to take their picture. Its kinda hard coz I've to wait till both are not looking at me. then I got it. second move, i memorise their car plate, and write them afterwards... so I wrote AER 6876-waja on a last move, is to delay their project by staying outside although i've finished with the laundry.

susah tol nak pandang belakang pehal?? nah!!! ka-chak!!

after several minutes, they left. so I went outside to sidai baju. I notice a bunch of papers scattered on the ground. I pick it up..and analyze. its a paper from jabatan bekalan air. ok, so i guess I was wrong for suspecting them. but wait!! whats that on the paper?? its a blood stain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my adrenaline is pumping high. I decided to keep them just in case some news show up, I can give this to help.


then, I continue with my routine which is cooking rice and facebooking. then I heard a shout at the back. adek!! adek!!

me: ye saye??

yellow guy: nampak x borang kat luar tadi?? tercicir pulak.

me: ooo, ni ke?*menunjukkan borang tapi x kasi lagi , nape abg x masuk ikut pagar depan tadi?

yellow guy: haha, xde, tadi kitorang nak amik kunci abg yg pgg kunci tu dah pegi kerja. so, terpakselah jugak ikut belakang. dahla tempat ni jauh dari jabatan bekalan air nye office, malas nak datang dah. abg cari2 r gak org yg pegang kunci tu. xnampak pulak.

me: ...ok, nah *kasi borang tu

yellow guy: trime kasih bebanyak. adek ni bagus la, dah pandai cuci baju sendiri..*sambil thumbs up kat aku* ok abg balik dulu, assalamualaikum

me:....waalaikumussalam warahmatullah...(perasan yang ibu jari kiri abang tu berbalut)


ok that explains everything..n_n

moral of the story: sidai baju awal sikit XD

umm this might be my last post for a period of time coz Im about to go to UiTM. so, till next time!!!

p/s: banyak grammar salah, aku taw...


  1. shit..wat suspen je aku bace..haha..dah darah tu camne?

  2. hahahaha kan dah gtaw dalam dialog tu. jari brader tu luka. darah die la kot:D

  3. fun post. huhu. do update when ur in UiTM.. all the best dude!

  4. Insyaallah.. haha gud luck di melbourne yus!!!

  5. bwat cuak je. cite mcm dlam movie..
    mlgnye hnye org jabatan air. ngee¬

  6. nahaha..gue da pkir len dah..hahaha...

  7. nyeh3...kesan tgok detektif conan byk sangat..haha


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