Thursday, May 20, 2010

welcome to the caged, framed, limited world...

hahahah sounds pretty big and awful, but its just about me and my spectacles. yup I started wearing it yesterday. so to UiTMians, OR someone who get to MARA's scolarship's university with me insyaallah..will be seeing me wearing glasses. firstly, I wanna say that I'm not happy with it...why? firstly, coz it cost me dear...naah kidding. but still, its not a gim-crack that can be toy with..its pretty expensive, so its precious...and its in my face..T-T

besides, it also remarks the badness that this not-so-holy-day brings. sitting in front of computer more than 12 hours a day(for 5 months!!), this is the least I can get.

but, on the bright side, this glasses somehow give me more confidence...seriously. and duhh, It helps me see clearer. besides, maybe it'll help me recover my eyes, hopefully. yeah, hopefully. I've asked the glassman(memandai je kasi gelaran), he's from Australia.

me: umm sir, I was thinkin...will my eyes get better by wearin this??

glassman:(Australian asc..wait, more like british ascent) well, a lot of customer has asked me the same question. but sorry kid(??!), I cant guarantee that. it seems that the result varies to each person. some get better, some stay the same, and others getting even worse...(grin)

me:..I see...(fake grin)

so, lets just pray that my eyes will get better n_n


  1. topek, pkai spek mcm prevent mate jdi lagi teruk.
    kalu nak elok, kne banyak makan carrot, xbce dlam gelap n xasyek bertafakur dpan pc.
    few tips je yg ade.-drpd org pkai spek gak.:)

  2. hahaha ok kene take note nih..:)
    terime kasih zaf!!


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