Wednesday, May 26, 2010 do not see this

well, Im still experimenting with the shading. and my stroke. yep, I wanna try a different kind of stroke. i do this by simply looking at other people's drawing and apply their tecniques to my drawing. its like what Albert Einstein once said,'' example isn't another way to teach, its the only way to teach''. far so good..n_n


... now I learn that unnecessary line actually is necessary...

yup, unnecessary lines are generally used by artist to give texture to the object. like if the object is shiny, well the shading should be clear and solid. meanwhile if the object is rough, the shading should be..rough( single line on top of the other, weblike )

this is better, coz its darker :DD

this kind of stroke is widely used in america where you just have to darken the object but leaving a space gap between the actual line. believe me, this effect works in almost anything. thought Im explaining bout shading, theres one important thing I havent done yet, smudging-which can only be done by pencil or charcoal. its a great art of shading due to its ability to tone and to fill up space in a dime. but I cant do it just yet for two reasons, I use pen and marker, and I cant figure out how to do it yet.

ok ive done it!! (this is an update)

well heres my first try...bad isnt it?

the second try. I used pretty much everything. pencil, pen, marker, paint, and picture manager:)

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