Saturday, October 1, 2011


the term 'being random' is given to a person who is unpredictable in several ways - intentionally or not. The idea had grown to be a trend among humans, confirming the quotes 'just be yourself', because people(not all) think that individualism is a good thing(because it is vastly advocated). it makes them think themselves as unique, without actually realizing that the basis of the idea is actually a disease called asperger's :O

at this point you should realize that gaga's condition is very cronic

well, im actually pointing this out because im too, likes to be random. but with different reason. being random is just a thing that I do when I get bored and sure some or most of u guys have the same excuse. several randomness I did :

1. wave at strangers while walking/driving along the road.
reason: walking/driving is boring

2. ask direction(which I actually know) to strangers(usually at traffic light)
reason: make strangers proud(by showing their usefullness)

3. walk back to school despite having a scooter and bus.
reason: ..go green?

4.walk from seksyen 6 to seksyen 17 shah alam back-to-back( which totals in about 18 km :O)

so, I can deduce that hey, its always ok to be random as it makes world a better place but it may comes with a price of people calling u retard.


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