Saturday, June 19, 2010


Salam warahmatullah
this evening, I had an accident at lekir. but like always, it's not becoz of other's car or sumthin. just becoz I lost balance when I about to make a U-turn at red soil. I'm not injured though. just a lil bruise on my palm. but my scooter, the left side-mirror cracked( and a scratch on the left side). well, it's a fact that the side-mirror had been unfunctional for long, so i guess I'm not in trouble( lalala~). act, I planned on making a surprise coming to my new house in lekir which my mom was there already to umm..tidy up. but lastly, I'm kinda lost( I only notice that after 10 minutes riding through palm estate ). so I make a U-turn, and walaweh! seriously I'm very glad and graceful to God. alhamdulillah.

coz I'm thinkin If He make me dead back there, maybe it'll take time to find my body( it's a surprise, remember? ). Alhamdulillah. so, lesson that i got:

  1. never make a U-turn at speed more than 10 km/h.

  2. especially with a heavy scooter

  3. plus in a soft, low-grip, red soil

  4. never make a surprise if ye don't know where ur heading :P

  5. next time I'm ridin, think of cruisin instead of stampeding. we've got time

ish3...luke cenonet pon nak tayang. haha

But I kinda upset coz when I told me dad bout this, he ask about the scooter first, and not me( in fact, he didn't ask bout me at all ). but naah no need. i'm fine with it. really...

uh-oh, and i think I deserve this. haha coz on my way to lekir, there's a couple of bikers who's wanna rempit ( cine ). though I'm not involved, but satan-laknatullah, he make me wanna join em. so I did. and I won. coz I ran unto a red light. lucky me there's no car from the other side. so next time, just cruise.. hahaha..adui. so I warning ya, appreciate urself. don't die upon making a surprise visit. x bermakne langsong.. haha baik mati on de way g masjid ke..

speaking of which, I wanna take this opporturnity to invite u all, mari mengimarahkan masjid. haha mule2 berat r. lame2 rase bes insyaallah...


  1. imagine getting into a bike accident otw to the mosque, that'd be a perfect picture. =D

  2. x cukup amal lagi weh...jangan r yus..


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