Wednesday, June 16, 2010

full list of my weird/funfact....

this is a request from one of my friend. act, she/he ask me to do but hell I hate I figure, it's easier to make a full list of what I'm made of( only the weird/fun one, not like: hey, I'm a Malay) here.. so he/she can view it here....though the way I see it, this is completely ummm....absurd/ridiculous/preposterous/embarassing/disgraceful/time-wastin/unnecessary, but I do it. just for the hell of it :P consider this is for me..I'll start with 11 entry first, and I'll keep updating till ummm 100 maybe. haha



  1. I dont comb my hair. and usually I'll comb it in the morning just for the fact that it'll improve bloodflow. after that i'll just use my hand.
  2. after washing my hand. I usually rub my hand to my hair to dry it and to wet my hair.
  3. Seriously, I love cat. altough some people might had saw me being nasty to them, but let just say that I do it for publicity. some..usually, I'll talk to them.
  4. I greet trees and animals. by giving them salam.
  5. when I was a child, my biggest dream is to throw a paperplane from top of klcc and watch as it fly.
  6. singing improves my confidence. and I use music as an escape for my problem
  7. I love to speak my thought. And I love to argue. but when I see that the arguing had become pointless, based on emotion, and doesn't benefits anymore I'll admit defeat, stay quiet, or ask for, saye suke beralah.
  8. At home(and class), whenever there's a chance, I'll throw things( eg: dry trash to dustbin, lil bro's toy to box, etc) just to maintain my shooting, and to feel the sweet feeling of accomplishment.
  9. some people find me dirty, but I'm not afraid of animals that can't kill humans.
  10. couple, no. love, everybody. haha yea I'm not planning to be serious in relationship unless I see bright opportunity to make it to marriage. In fact, that's the first reason why I'm flirting dayah ONCE. coz her home is close to mine, her bro know mine. my mom know her dad. haha( okay, this is embarassing ) but it turns out ther'es no luck( or maybe I'm not serious enough ). so to gals out there. If you see me like, flirting with you, I'm not. people call that 'being nice'.
  11. weird things that I've ate: grass, fruitworm, TADPOLE, treebark, paper, eraserdust. pencil shavings. and the list goes on.
  12. scratching head/ pull my hair improves my thinking. especially in math.
  13. I love nasyid, and metal band as well( imagine in ur playlist, after listening to slipknot-people=shit, then it changes to nowseeheart-damai yg hilang)..uh-oh, I even includes ayatul quran in my playlist...
  14. my name really is mohd taufiq. the mohd is not a short for mohammad( to all doctor wannabe, please double check ur writing). but don't ever call me like, hey 'mode' taufiq. I'll slay you.
  15. frankly, I love art subject more than engineering. and I love medic more than engineering( but art still on top). the only reason I take engineering is becoz medic can't go with art. ummm why r. maybe becoz the fact that our life rite now is totally overperfect. not like medic and art. people get sick everyday. and art, is limitless....
  16. I'm meesedaphobic.
  17. pencil/pen + time = doodling
  18. my mom call me topek

ummm naah I don't think i wanna make it to to 100. haha if so, I'll have no privacy, at maybe this is it. haha wekkk!!! :P


  1. wahaha..sgt..amazing kowt......

    Ros amanina(mls nk log in punye psl)

  2. Meesedaphobic? What is that? Failed to search the term in Google, that's why.

  3. anonymous: haha i made it up. i'm phobia of mee sedap.
    najah-san: errr.. haha yup jujur sgt la pulak :))

  4. Oh haha, you got me. I really did search it in Google, you know. Nice one!

  5. I have one more phobic ye naw? it's called perempuancunophobic :P
    please, don't google :DD

  6. topek best rr ade kebranian nak tros terang.. i wish i could be like dat too.. ;)

  7. hahaha what's bygone is bygone...still x berani lagi r..ak xbrani nk tros terang r najah..huaa


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