Saturday, June 19, 2010

unexpected solution..

Salam warahmatullah
Before this I got one problemo bout my Ibadah. that is being hard to kusyu' in my solat. yup. everytime I perform my solat, my mind will like..wander, about dunya thingy. anything. from what to do next, to and peoples, even about the sejadah I'm standing at. haha. but It turns out that thingy had slowly gone. I figure out why and how. maybe it's becoz solat jemaah. before this, I hate solat jemaah. excuse? this kusyu' stuff. haha jahiliah btol. but, as the old says 'alah bisa tegal biasa'. so maybe going to the mosque is the solution. and one more. tahlil. yup. trust me. if u got the same problem like me, I suggest you to do this. perform solat berjemaah and to tahlil. insyaallah, it'll work. i pray for ya!!


  1. Exactly. Pray with the jemaah will help to create kusyu' in solat. I, myself, use this as a solution to my unceasing dilemma of not being able to kusyu' in my prayers. And it works wonders.

  2. haha...btui2..setiap kali solat jemaah mesti khusyuk skit dari solat sorang2 kan...

  3. yup. haha 1 lagi sbb kalau g masjid, masjid tu mmg tempat beribadah, so igt semayang jela.
    kalau solat kat rumah( aku r ), ak solat kat bilik tido. so, pepaham r..haha

  4. klow sya plak..jdik imam lg khusyuk..sbb blh bca kuat2..kdg2 kalow jdi makmum kna btol2 khusyuk..ehehe harap2 blh khusyuk dlm keadaan mna skli pon...ayoh kita kjar khusyuk dlm solat!

  5. for me..if i bcome imam for the pray..thats tend to get more khusyu coz we can read out aloud..but now hopefully we will get khusyuk in any condition...


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