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salam warahmatullah usual, I'm posting my drawing. I bet you can clearly see my improvement since the first tryout rite? its kinda obvious really..all thanks to ..time. haha yup this sickening waiting period is proven worth it after all. I get to improve my drawing skill, make friends( virtual one,,,T-T) to learn more about Islam( sebenanye ak ade plan nak hafal certain2 surah, tapi sampai skang blom lagi, aduhh ), and....grow up :P

american-stroke, usually details in face wrinkles and shape

also, american's stroke seems to use bold lining and contrast, bright color. notice the writing on the dude's shirt?? hehehe it's my shirt, discord harmonics:D


the only reason I upload this unedited drawing coz most my frens don't believe that the colored version is mine. they saya Im taking it from internet. hahaha I take that as a praise thank you. but frankly this is not fully my idea. the hair and coloring bit, Im just taking it from random picture in the internet..but hey, it's still is my drawing!!


after, japan anime stroke, highly fashion disaster, less words, unreal, perfect-looking face

yup. I made this...myself...using PAINT:D you see how colors can change a picture..


tadaa!! haha

this is my drawing of my classmates, based on their nickname( or teasecharacter to be precise :P ). you know, I took a really, long time coloring this pic coz it got lots of character hence lots of colors. haha here's the character list and how they got the name.

  • Girrafe as pidot, why: he's the tallest guy in my class
  • Devil with gun as Sapek, why: umm, he's nasty?? haha uh-oh, and he's a sharpsooter.
  • Elephant with mcd as Ammar, why: he got such a big ear and he's a mcd bussinessman.
  • Wau as Sheila, why: she's kelate?? :D
  • Sivik book as Hafiz, why: his face look alike our Sivik teacher, Sir Roslan
  • Onion as Luqman, why: he got a hair like one ( only smells better )
  • Guy with bball as Yasser, why: he is :P
  • Gal with braces as Aiza, why: she is :P
  • Panda with wings as Amirul, why: he got eyes like one, and he luuuuuves to fly
  • Squidward as Amir, why: he sound like one, got nose like one, and behave like one. haha
  • Himawari as Iman, why: she's..umm..cute?
  • green mushroom as Hidayah, why: maybe coz she likes green, and I have noo idea about the mushroom
  • Angelina jolie in PPSP blazer as Alyani, why: she got lips like one, haha and yes, she's a PPSP.
  • Kamen Rider as tiqah, why: act there's no point here. the only character I could think of is this
  • Dolphin balancing chem book as Ayu, why: she want it that way, and she's good at chem( pretty much everything act )
  • Purple fairy as Azura, why: same case as Ayu
  • Heartless Biker as Azrin, why: he is :P
  • Guy with Camerahead as Muneer, why: he's lomoholic
  • BWP with pyramid head as Anis, why: she's so excited about going to further her studies in Egypt and she's a BWP.
  • Mama as Pija, why: ummm..I dunno, she's motherly?? this is girly stuff, I just follow em :DD
  • Fairy Godmother as Lala, why: umm she's kind?? same case as above
  • Elevating emo skinny guy as Faiz rajaie, why: he's underweight, and he got emo hair.
  • Old guy with scars as najmi, why: he really have one, and, he got a few grey hair.
  • WOHOO gal as Norwan, why: everytime I heard a wohoo, I think of her
  • Ribena playing paperplane as Me!!, why: umm, coz I'm playful in a childish way and I luv making paperplane back in school..haha

well, that's everyone...:)


  1. shit..lawa giler coloring! two thumbs-up!

  2. I suggest you display all your works in Deviantart. That is the site for artistic people like yourself. :)

  3. hmmm...I'l look into it. and thanks yaw!!

  4. whoa!! haha I dont think i've reach that level to post my art there lol. maybe, just maybe after I've figured how to color using adobe or anything but paint :P

  5. part alyani kool gila.. baru perasan ahh angiejolie pakai baju ppsp.. :P


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