Thursday, April 29, 2010

immortalizing memories....

Sapek: ko ade blog??? pondan gile!!!!
Saye: haha ammar yg ajak
Sapek: amma kan jambu, mmg r die ade...hahahaha
Saye: hurmmm...

hahaha, what's so JAMBU about blog?? hahaha, i've currently check my friend's blog and wow, I realize how amateur I am, and how useful this thingy can be...but i'll stick on the idea of using my blog to immortalize my memories. People said that 'hell with memories, they'll just trash that fills up your mind'. Guess what, i agree. But, if you choose wisely, yo'll see that memories is the only way for us human to learn. And to live. Think big my friends, think further....we cant see our destiny, but we can look at the past to plan our future. The rest?? tawakkal...have faith..

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