Saturday, July 3, 2010

switching mode: sluggish

though the fact that I wont be as active like b4, Ill keep doing my stuff..yeah arty stuff..and to collect some useful knowledge to share it here =), here's my latest work...

I made two copy here, i keep the unfinished one coz I was thinkin to print it on tee-shirt. well, I still cant do it myself yet so maybe i'll have to ask some shop to do it.

If you remember( or if ur kind/rajin enough to look at my older art post ), this, too, is a stereotype of rahmat harun art. but no, I dont trace his drawing. nonono.. I just copying his...inspiration. the whole drawing is purely my idea.

this is my favourite. my all star nomnomnom shoes. hahaha. but still, there seems to be prob. first, pacmania game, their background is black, or dark blue if I remember correctly. second, yellow shoes is soooo daring. hahaha. but I love'em. coz Im applying this picture on converse all star contest and hey, many people( mostly from france?) like it!!!( and thats's why I love facebook :) )

this is a shirt I design for my beloved friend, muneer, for his belated birthday. this kind of art is called ambigram-words that can be read in more than 1 way. as u can see...this one says 'I LOVE FART...' and if we flip it like this....

It will read ' BUT I HATE FLATULENCE...'....don't get it?? allow me to explain. fart and flatulence are both rhe same thing. kentut in malay. the thing is, fart is a verb while flatulence is a noun.....It makes sense love to fart, but do you love flatulence?? :D

backpicture. its his fav( I dunno, but Its easy to draw:P) camera. Diana F+ Lomo Camera.


  1. you did all these? seriously?
    two thumbs up topek.

  2. Salam,

    Yang ambigram tu di-inspirasi daripada WowTattoos / FlipScript, kah?


  3. Mira : yup. haha thanks!!

    nagfa : salam warahmatullah..ummmm tak berape ingat r..hehehe main cilok dari internet je :D
    wahh blog about ambigram!!! dah follow..

  4. tapi seingat saye, saye ambik dari gamba ummm....kotak kot. yang pasti bukan tatto r..


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