Wednesday, July 14, 2010

to feel, not to shrewd completely

Salam warahmatullah,
I wanna talk briefly bout INTEC and AUSMAT program in my point of view. ehemm..ok

INTEC(International Education Centre) or what I called them, The Land Of Crows( though its cleano-nitto environment, crows dominate INTEC) is a wide wide campus. but I dont have to go to each part of em. I usually went to the surau, class, bilik media which is in the same block to class, ausmat cafe, library, and not to forget, bus stop. frankly, I'm not used to the fact that students dont have uniforms, as most lecturers here look young. and I dont want this to happen :-

me: Salam kak, kakak taw x bilik E210 katner??
Lecturer: W'salam. oh, saye nak mengajar kat situlah lepas nie. jom...

well, on second thought, maybe that's a good thing, coz the lecturer will knew me and he/she will assume that I tought that he/she look young. which is a praise for her/him :D

it's been almost two weeks of my life as an INTECians. What I want to point here is that I'm kinda scared. why?? what?? why exactly?? haha, it's because of my program, AUSMAT. the thing is, if you ask someone who knows multiple programs is INTEC (like seniors, lecturers yadda yadda), If you tell them like, 'hye, Im studying AUSMAT', I'll bet(and I won :) ) that most of them will say like, 'wah, that's a though program, goodluck yaw'. At first, I don't wanna believe this whole AUSMAT-is-freakin-hard idea, but as I stay longer here, as I begin to understand how ausmat's programs work, as i heard my seniors 'keluh-kesah', I begin to realize that it is a fact. want an example?? ok. AUSMAT classes usually begin from 8 a.m untill 4 p.m and on semester 2(or maybe next month) some class will end at 6 p.m. while other programs might end their class as early as 2 p.m......that's life.

Not enough?? here's more. I'm taking engineering as my course, so it's compulsary for me to take mathematical studies and mathematic specialist. mathematical studies, as told by my lecturer, miss nurul, is pretty much like precalculus (she even suggest us to use precal books). here's the fun part. mathematic specialist, is far different than both. I don't wanna scare you( and me ), but last year, on external exam, only 40 out of(...umm I forgot, but must be more than 80 I guess, I hope) pass math spec.. yes,...pass. which the minimum marks to pass is 45.

but nevertheless, as a critical thinker I am, I take this as a reminder. A reminder that I, as an average( ?? naah, lower ) students which got here by chance(seriously, no kidding, alhamdulillah) should struggle more than others. I mean, if my classmates were running, I should teleport to catch up wif them :D

And I sure hope that I will not left my amal behind. In AUSMAT, the keyword here is Istiqamah. coz pop quizzez will literally pop. hahaha

well, though all that, I wish and I will make sure that I enjoy my life here. enjoy, as in, make friends, smile always, be active, and outshine( outshine and capub is two different things) others. hence the title..

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