Sunday, May 29, 2011

Im not actually..

greetings, readers.

I wanna tell you something about a simple mistake that ive done back in my sem 2. its all about expectations. you see, after my success in designing my program's shirt, two other jobs are coming to me, the rocket programme, and AUSMAT's magazine. both parties are expecting the same thing-me to help them by using my creativeness and skills in doing visual media(eg: posters, magazine's cover, banner etc)

photoshop. heh, everyone can do it!

then I said to them ''okay, ill do it'' and then they go....''wait, WHAT?".
problem is, me and photoshop, were not that close to work that out. im just a newbie in photoshopping(prove: all my arts are coloured by PAINT). soo, im still more in an experiment phase rather than establishing-awesome-as-barney-arts phase.
oh, it gets worse, photo stock woman.

Another thing is, most of my previous art is not all-originallly my ideas. I used to refer certain artworks of other people to establish one of the same concept. but dealing with this work, means that I have to go all-original.

but hey, Ive considered that as a challenge and heck yeah, im in the middle of dealing with it!! ............and I pretty much suck :P

soo, before I show u one of what I actually do, heres one of my single-page comic, supposedly published during the I-CODE in INTEC to advertise cozy corner, one of the booth opened during that event.

pictured: 98% hand made, 2% photoshop. get it?

however, it fails to be advertised as there are a change of location(where it fails to relate with my comic) of that booth. nevermind that.

straight to the point. heres one of the cover of one articles that i have to compile.

see my point? what? no?

how a bout now?

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  1. ahahaha! mula2 tengok dah i was like "GTA!!!"


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