Sunday, May 22, 2011

Music, in the way of the waves

heyya, guys and gals. If u r reading this, that means my plans of taking down this blog is cancelled :D

actually this blog have been proved worth it. thats becauuuseee my lappy(alahai cutenye bunyi) had undergo rush reprogramming that causes some pictures inside em to vanish, unbackuped. one of em is my whole folder of art stuffs i made. LUCKY ME, ive posted all those pictures here(in a big filesize too), sooo, i can pick em back!!!! yayyyy!!!

if u rememba my last playlist of this blog, it features old songs that i listen last year. today, im listening to a whole lot new songs. not forgetting the oldies though, theyll become new if u havent listen to em for years or so believe me.

here are some of the singers and bands that im listening now( i mean literally now while doing this). and ill be listing one of their song just in case u wanna listen too(wink). see if u can recognize some :D

Lights - The last thing on your mind
Keane - Spiralling
Breathe Carolina - Velvet
Cage The Elephants - Ain't no rest for the wicked
Flyleaf - All around me
The Birthday Massacre - Falling Down
Exilia - Without You
MGMT - Kids
Rage against the machine - People of the sun
Shiny Toy Guns - Rocketship
Paolo Nutini - Candy
He is we - everything you do
John Rzeznik - i'm still here


ok dah cukup2, xlarat nak tulis semue :P

oh btw, since lappy(awwww) ak dah parah. ak hanye mampu main angry birds je sepanjang cuti ni, ataupon kene kluar pergi cc lak T^T


  1. sadis gle dgr opek,,.bkn biasa kat umah bole main game berat2 ke,,,..??? hahaha...
    btw, laptop aq main plants vs zombies tu pun dh jd 100% -.-

  2. inilah naseb kite eh helios? penggune compaq yg malang T^T

  3. yeah,,,mmg malang gile..


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