Thursday, May 26, 2011

Procrastinate Tahap Petala Langit ke-67

Tomorrow is Friday. And Saturday comes afterwarrd..

It's a wonder that I manage to not to do my homework despite the absence of games and any other entertainment. People, this is what u call Mind Power. when u set ur mind not to do any assignments, u will not do it. or you can also call that laziness. either way :D

There a FEW works that I should start doing rite now. yeah, ive started some of the photoshop-thingy for my college's magazine. but other works like uhh...Water Rocket motto selection, ESLS thesis, Chemistry Investigation, Math Study...nope, not touching em yet. Even the magazine thing, I dont do much..
only this much

Whenever I head to my laptop with an intention to do works, I end up doing things like Playing Angry Birds, Reading Cracked, You-Tubing, Habbo-ing, And searching songs. And I manage to keep this up for two weeks without getting bored. I should get a throphy :D

oh btw, u guys should listen to this band I found. Dead Sara. its soo damn awesome mann, Rock like hellllllllaahhh!!!

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